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    To increase accessibility to art during Covid-19, you can attend our exhibitions online here, in our virtual gallery space, or in person, in the NAA galleries at 65 Water Street or in the Institution for Savings Gallery at the Firehouse Center for the Arts, our partner in the BIG WORKS exhibition!

    Our 65 Water Street gallery doors are open, Tuesday – Saturday, 11-5 and Sunday 1-5.


    An exhibition of 32 large-scale artworks co-presented by NAA and the Firehouse Center for the Arts, and sponsored by the Institution for Savings.

    April 2 – April 24th 2021

    All work is for sale.

    BIG WORKS artists include: Kristen Anderson, Barry Berman, Erin Bligh, Donna Caselden, Lisa Clark, Sara Demrow Dent, Cassie Doyon, Cheryl Dyment, John Ellis, Jeannette Esposito, Daniel Fionte, Kristine Fisher, Joseph Flaherty, Cara Gonier, Jessica Hachmeister, Susan Hong-Sammons, Heather Karp, Linda Lamarche, Madeleine Lord, Christopher Lovely, Carmela Martin, Jeffrey Merrill, Gail Newcomb, Sinikka Nogelo, Melissa Partridge, Karen Rovner, Wenda Shelter, Eric Steeves, Kate Sullivan, Shane Taylor, Robin Thornhill, Carol Whalen


    NAA Featured Artist Solo Show

    April 13 – April 25th 2021

    I work in mixed media with a strong focus on mosaics.  I use a wide variety of materials in my work, including natural, foraged and found items such as sea glass, bone, driftwood and stone.  My use of color is widely variable, from muted and earth toned to bright and psychedelic hues. Where mosaic work tends to be structured and planned, I try to incorporate spontaneity and serendipity within my pieces. I am particularly focused on surface design and pushing the boundaries of sculpture with unconventional and re-purposed materials.

    Much of my artwork is abstract in style and form, reflecting my lifelong interest in tribal art and artifacts from around the world. I was born and raised in a seaside town, and the ocean has been a powerful, repetitive theme through most every piece of art I have made.  In addition, I like to create “color and texture memories” of places I’ve visited over the years, and to explore macro and micro-environments in nature.

    – Cassie Doyon



    Jonathan Eiten

    NAA Featured Artist Solo Show

    March 30th – April 11th

    I am inspired to tell a story! Antique and organic objects conjure up unique memories and feelings. I find beauty in the wear and patina of old objects and reflections in glass and silver, and simplicity and humor in whimsical objects. A still life with a single object is appealing for its balance and focus whereas a painting with multiple objects brings movement and contrast.

    In my realistic rendering of objects, I paint so an image can be enjoyed at first glance for its beauty and clarity but work to create depth, so the interest grows upon multiple viewings. I achieve this through first drawing the image on the panel or canvas and then add a grayscale (black and white) painting to establish the contrasts of light and dark. I then add layers of color to draw the viewer in to the painting.

    -Jonathan Eiten

    Winter Juried Show, Part 2

    Drawing, Fine Crafts, Oil, Pastel Watercolor

    February 22nd – March 27th 2021


    Best in Show – Robin Thornhill. The Gift. Charcoal on Paper.

    Best in Drawing – Susan Spellman. Homage to a Life Well Lived. Graphite and Colored Pencil on Tan Stonehenge paper.

    Best in Fine Craft – Joan Smith. Distant Sky. Hollow Formed Double Sapphires and Sterling Silver Ring.

    Best in Oil – Adrienne Silversmith. La Bailaora de Flamenco. Oil on Canvas.

    Best in Pastel- Susan Ellis. Momentary Pause. Pastel.

    Best in Watercolor – Chris Bergin. Refuge Entrance. Watercolor

    Best in Abstract – Rosalie Cuticchia. Take Me to Church. Oil.

    Best in Cultural Commentary – Timothy Neil. The Weight. Oil on Canvas.

    Selected Artists Include: Tamara Amoroso, Ted Baker. Kathleen Grace Bennett, Chris Bergin, Laura Bryant Dignam, Stephen Carr, Donna Caselden, Michele Champion, Susan Charles, Lisa Clark, Katie Cornog, Nick Corvinus, Emily Croteau, Rosalie Cuticchia, Grace Daly, George Darcy, Phoebe Delaney, Phyllis Dolobowsky, Cassie Doyon, Cheryl Dyment, Susan Ellis, Wolfgang Ertl, Jeannette Esposito, Jeff Fioravanti, Karen Fitzgerald, Dale Partis Greene, Theresa Gambardella, Ann Gillespie, Lee Gordon, Kelley Hails, Ann Harter, Olga Hayes, Christine Johnson, Ann Jones, Wendy Kaye, Marjet Lesk, Dorothy Byers Lorenze, Janet MacLeod, Carmela Martin, Perry McIntosh, Judith Menihane, Kimberly Meuse, Michael Milczarek, Cheryl Miller, Lucia Moskal, June Munro, Daniel Murphy, Timothy Neill, Maria Nemchuk, Verne Orlosk, Mason Peck, Jeanne Pierce, Peggy Poppe, Michael Reardon, Mary Remillong, Bill Scott, Mary Shapiro, Wenda Shelter, Adrienne Silversmith, Theresa Skovron, Joan Smith, Susan Spellman, Susan Stranc, Robin Thornhill, Debra Woodward, Marsha Zavez


    Love is LOVE!

    February 12th – March 28th 2021

    The Newburyport Art Association and the Firehouse Center for the Arts co-present Love is LOVE!, a curated exhibit of 32 artworks that celebrates love in its many fabulous forms and shines a light on the artful joy of our community. Featuring 30 artists working in acrylic, drawing, oil, pastel, photography, printmaking, and mixed media, this pop-up show takes place at the Institution for Savings Gallery at the Firehouse, 1 Market Square, from February 12th through March 28th. Visit us in person as well as online!

    Featuring works by: John Abisamra, Kathleen Grace Bennett, Barry Berman, Fran Butsavich, Donna Caselden, Sandra Chase Morrissey, Francisco Colom, Rosalie Cuticchia, Scott Cuticchia, Cheryl Dyment, Ronald Emmerling, Wolfgang Ertl, Karen Fitzgerald, Deb Goldberg, Cara Gonier, Richard Honan. Tricia Jones, Heather Karp, Madeleine Lord, Christopher Lovely, Claudia Matthews, Madalene Murphy, Kelly Page, Melissa Partridge, Christine Riccardi, Marie Sapienza, Adrienne Silversmith, David Stone, Robin Thornhill, Sarah Wigglesworth


    2020 Fifth Annual Outdoor Sculpture Garden Exhibition

    September 13th, 2020 – September 3rd, 2021

    The Sculpture Exhibition is always accessible in the Range Light Community Sculpture Garden, behind our building at 65 Water street. Find more information about the sculptures and the artists here.

    2021 Winter Juried Show, Part 1

    Acrylic, Digital Art, Photography, Printmaking, Mixed Media, and Sculpture

    January 22nd – February 20th 2021

    Pop-Up Sculpture Installation at the Custom House Maritime Museum

    December 4, 2020 – January 8, 2021

    As part of the Custom House Maritime Tree holiday event, we’ve installed a pop-up sculpture exhibition in the Custom House flower gardens, featuring the sculpture of Madeleine Lord and Joseph Gray.


    The Power of Art: Members Open Show 

    November 6th – December 24th


    The Band of Brushes Presents

    Creative Persistence   Annual 2020 NAA Show

    August 24- October 24, 2020

    Click the link to view the show www.bandofbrushes.com

    Original painting by Susan Cole Kelly

    The Band of Brushes is a group of artists who paint together ‘en plein air’, a French expression meaning in the open air, throughout the spring, summer and fall, working to capture the elusive light of day. The Band of Brushes is one of the Newburyport Art Association’s Featured Interests Groups.

    These artists share a love of nature and plein air painting in oil, watercolor, pastel and acrylic mediums. They meet weekly to paint outdoors at beautiful North Shore and seacoast locations.

    The artists in the show reside in various areas north of Boston including the Newburyport area and Southern New Hampshire. Dorothy Aham, Michelle Champion, Grace Daly, Karen Fitzgerald, Mary Francis, Christine Molitor Johnson, Fran Kaplan, Susan Cole Kelly, Janice Reynolds, MaryAnn Varoski and Mary Carolyn Webber

    There are individual galleries for each artist. Each artist’s paintings can be viewed in their gallery by clicking on their name. The website has an exciting new feature where you can view any of our artwork on walls in a room. Just click on a painting and hit either ZOOM or ROOM. Choose Zoom for a close up of the artwork or choose ROOM where you can choose the room and the wall color to preview the painting.

    Enjoy the show!

    All sales are to be transacted directly with the individual artist. The NAA and the Band of Brushes have no liability for any sales issues. Please see contact information within the artist’s gallery.



    Enjoy the Show!

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