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NAA Strategic Planning & Capital Projects

NAA Strategic Planning now underway 

In preparing for the NAA’s 2017 Annual Meeting (April), the NAA announced that an NAA2020 Strategic Planning Committee had been appointed by the NAA Board of Directors to work alongside the Project Management Team exploring opportunities for enhanced space to address education and other needs.  The NAA2020 Committee presented an outline at the Annual Meeting describing its charge and work plan.  The NAA2020 Strategic Planning Committee included NAA Board Members Warren Moskowitz (Board President), Trish Kyle (NAA Director), Paul Swindlehurst (NAA Director), and Pat Keating (NAA Friend & Ad Hoc Member), and the Executive Director.  The Committee is co-chaired by Trish Kyle and Pat Keating.  The NAA2020 Committee held extensive meetings with critical constituents and membership in preparing to draft the NAA2020 Strategic Framework which was presented to the full NAA Board of Directors and unanimously approved (along with its Financial Plan) at the December 2017 Board Meeting. In 2018 several NAA2020 initiatives have been set in motion.  The Project Management Team, chaired by NAA Director Terry Rooney, & the architecture firm of Dore & Whittier presented a Feasibility Study to the NAA Board of Directors in January 2018; as a result the PMT is now exploring space opportunities across the Newburyport community. 


Range Lights Community Sculpture Garden

CSG Panorama

The capital campaign for the Range Light Community Sculpture Garden has concluded and we have you to thank!  Over $1250,000 has been raised for the installation and maintenance of the sculpture garden.  The Community Sculpture Garden and year-round green space has been installed and was officially unveiled in September 2016.  If you,  your family and friends enjoy the Newburyport boardwalk, soon you will be able to walk the Harbor Walk Trail which will bring you right to the already iconic stone arch of  the Community Sculpture Garden.  This exciting installation features stone benches, a Dory by Lowell’s Boat shop (perfect play space for kids and photo op’s for parents!), meticulously planned and planted greenery, all surrounding annual outdoor sculpture exhibitions juried by the NAA Curatorial Committee and open to the public year-round, 24/7.

Please note that the Range Lights Community Sculpture Garden and NAA galleries are available to the community for rent to celebrate special occasions and/or for business gatherings.  Please contact the NAA at 978.465.8769 or email Elena Bachrach, Executive Director, at ebachrach@newburyportart.org if you have any questions about the NAA’s rental program.

Donations are welcome to ensure maintenance funds are available into the foreseeable future, Make a Donation to the Community Sculpture Garden.

Watch here as our dream began to take shape!

Constructing The Arch

Stone Arch_edited


Design & installation of the Range Lights Community Sculpture Garden by Phil O’Donnell, Principal & Owner of New England Land Artisan, www.nelandartisan.com.