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The NAA, in collaboration with The Hemphill Family Foundation and the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, announces a very special opportunity – a scholarship to the 2014 Summer Studio at MassArt.  Students enrolling in the 11th and 12th grades in Fall 2013  & attending the Amesbury, Ipswich, Newburyport, Pentucket, or Triton High Schools are eligible to apply.  Look for applications and more details in the early spring, 2014.

Newburyport High School students once again had homework at the NAA! Last fall the students arrived in the galleries to take in the 2012 Fall Members Juried show, part two.  Ken Cole, NHS Physics teacher and Debbie Szabo, NHS Creative Writing teacher teamed up once again with Rhina Espillat and Elena Bachrach.   This time, it was for an interdisciplinary exploration among Physics, Creative Writing, and the Visual Arts.  Their assignment was to find a work they were inspired by, apply a law of physics to it and write about it. Not an easy talk to be sure but they earned all A’s with the Annual Meeting crowd as they treated us to readings of their work.

Below are their words and the works that inspired them….

NHS student Ryan Chen was inspired by Jazz, an acrylic by Renee LeVerrier which also won Best in Show.  Ryan read his poem twice.. once in Chinese and once in English.   What a wonderful start to our evening!



Crossing, lines and shapes;
blended with black and white;
imprinted into my eyelids, the photon;
scenes collide with the trembling nerves of my eye.

A strong illusion bounced back, like the music notes.
Imagination, like ballistics, jumped inside me.
There was nothing
but the music and the sound
with the rhythm of Jazz
surrounded me.

Visual fatigue as the time passes and elapses;
light faded out along the edge of the dark sky;
the resonances of music became my dream.


NHS Student Gabrielle Cole was inspired by Not A Soul in Sight, acrylic by Candace Mitchell



In the darkness of the night,
when all are sound asleep
when the world is silent and still,
the Earth begins to change
removing her black garments
changing into lighter ones.
As she spreads her arms, colors fall from the sky
but don’t let them fool you,
for it may seem that they pick up speed
as they descend
and yet, momentum remains but a constant
acceleration, an impossibility
when falling in such a linear motion.

And finally, the colors collide,
crashing into one another
molding around eachother
changing shape, like elastics as they stretch
wrapping until they become one
no, two
from red bursts a violet hue
bleeding into the ground.
Faint orange grazes the surface
but inelastic in nature, becomes lost in the chaos
streaks of light branch like veins
and meet in the center
but don’t remain like so
as a milky rose mist clouds the foreground
form, shape, energy…
all is lost and never to be found
when colors collide.

NHS Student Rachel Hayley was inspired by North Shore Marsh, a seed bead weaving work by Douglas W. Johnson


North Shore Marsh by Douglas W Johnson


Give me the strength to be fearless,
to place each piece of the picture without worrying what I might destroy;
to brave collision as life and not lifelessness;
to accept my own inertia.

Give me the confidence to trust that I will not fault,
that I will not fail when given the opportunity,
that if I stumble,
I will rebound.
Give me the poise to make myself pliable,
make me elastic when I collide with existence.

Let me dance in the field of flowers and trees,
of blossoming ideas,
of things to hold close and cherish
of objects that have inertia like the earth;
of daring momentum that may transfer to me.

Let me see the strings that connect movement and ideas like a train I can board,
see the small things;
see the moments of impulse and loss of kinetic energy
occurring every day.

Teach me to be elastic,
to create beautiful art,
or simply to appreciate my life as it is.


NHS Student Haley Gallagher was inspired by Untitled, photography by Diane Germano



Eyes hidden like electrostatic flelds
They are there but your hair acts as a shield
A sentinel, barring understanding.
Do you feel like the electrons charge?

Closer I step, more negative energy is there
Like I am the distance and you the point
Our relationship is an inverse square
Your sadness being the value of E.

You remain silent, trapped in your frame
Modest, nothing like the others about you
These people really put a price on you?
Well they did, slapped on a big fat price tag.

Judging critics always mulling about
I would hate being in an exhibition, too.