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    The NAA operates a fine craft Gallery Store,  open to the public and featuring small works, fine crafts, jewelry, hand made cards and lots more! NAA Artist members have the opportunity to submit works to the gallery store jury committee for consideration to be displayed in the store.

    How do I enter works in the Gallery Store?
    You must be a current NAA member at the Gallery Shop Membership, Basic Artist, Artist Plus, Master Artist, or Beginner Artist membership levels.  Gallery store works are juried by a committee 3 times a year; January, April, and August.  

    When can I submit works?
    All works to be considered must be in the gallery by 5p.m. on the last Sunday of January, April and August.  NAA members who would like their work to be considered may drop-off with a completed gallery store submission form, any day during the month the jury committee meets.

    My work has been accepted, are all my works accepted going forward?
    No.  The committee juries work, not the artist. Works are juried individually.  The exception to this is books.  Once we have accepted a book, stock can be replenished as needed.  Note, submission forms still need to be completed even when you are replenishing stock. 

    How long do works stay in the shop?
    Works are removed seasonally and at the discretion of the Gallery Store manager in order to keep the shop inventory fresh.  We reserve the right to remove works from the shop in late October/early November to make space for the Holiday show.  The gallery store closes for the month of January and re-opens early February in order to asses and count inventory.

    Where do I find the gallery store submission forms?
    click  Small Works to download the submission form for small works, books calendars, and fine craft items.
    click Cards and Binwork to download the submission form for greeting cards and bin-work.

    I already filled out my forms using an older version.  Can I use it?
    No.  The new form is designed to help streamline the admin side of the gallery store.  If you bring in the old form we will ask you to re-write it using the new version, which we can provide in the gallery. 

    What can I submit to the gallery store?
    Up to 5 small works, books, calendars, and fine craft items.
    Up to 10 cards and bin pieces. 

    How do I know if my work is accepted?
    After the jury committee meets, and work decisions are made and the paperwork is completed, the gift shop manager or gallery associate will email artists to let them know if all work was accepted and/or if there are items to be picked up. 

    What happens if my work is not accepted?
    Unaccepted works are stored in the NAA basement until picked-up.  Periodic emails will be sent to remind artists, but the NAA is not responsible for the condition of items stored for more than 30 days post notification of removal.

    How do I price my work?
    When pricing your items, keep in mind the Gallery Store is meant for small works at a lower price point than NAA Exhibitions.  Gallery Store sales are typically for items under $200.

    What should I submit?
    When choosing items to submit to the gift shop, please keep the following in mind:  Would you pay the asking price? Is it in top saleable condition?  Are there marks or scratches on the frame? Is the mat clean? Are metal frame corners tight with no gaps? Is the packaging clean and fresh? 

    Are there size restrictions for small works?
    Yes. Small framed works should be smaller than 11″ x 14″, due to the constraints of the shop size.

    My jewelry has been accepted, do I have any responsibilities for the items?
    Yes.  Jewelers are responsible for th upkeep of their pieces, i.e. silver and gold polishing.  We do not want to be responsible for damaging a piece by polishing it ourselves. 

    I am submitting cards.  Do they have to be packaged?
    Yes.  In order to keep cards clean and saleable, all cards must be packaged in clear cellophane bags that fit.  We occasionally have a back-stock of bags that can be purchased by artists.  Please feel free to inquire if we have your card size.

    I am submitting 2d works.  What are the guidelines?
    2d works meant to hang should have an appropriate hanging mechanism, i.e. screw eyes & wire.  We cannot hang works with saw tooth hangers and will display in stands.  No pop-out standing picture frames.

    Can I submit a giclee?
    Yes.  You may submit giclee’s as binwork.  Work must be matted and placed in a clear cello bag to keep clean and preserve salability. To submit, use the Cards and Binwork submission form. 

    Is a small, unframed painting considered binwork?
    Yes, if the thickness of the panel or media it is painted on is less than 1/4″ thick. Work must be placed in a clear cello bag to keep clean and preserve salability. To submit, use the Cards and Binwork submission form.

    Does binwork have to be matted?
    Yes, if it is a print, or giclee.  Work must be placed in a clear cello bag to keep clean and preserve salability.  To submit, sue the Cards and Binwork submission form.

    Can I submit watercolor binworks?
    Yes but it must be on paper, in clear cello bag, and have a backing board (under 1/4 inch)?

    Do I have to provide display stands?
    No.  The NAA has a supply for small works and jewelry.

    What is my commission when I sell an item?
    The artists receive 60% commission on a sold item, with the exception of cards.  The commission to the artist on card sales is 80%.

    When do I get paid?
    Gallery store sales checks are cut quarterly unless the amount due the artist is less than $20.  In that case,  sales are rolled to the next quarter, but not past 4th quarter, regardless of the check amount.  4th quarter sales are paid by the middle of January the following calendar year.

    Am I notified when there is a sale?
    No.  We typically do not notify artists when there is a sale, unless we have run low on a book that has been selling well and need more stock.  

    If I sell a work in the gallery store (other than a book), can I replace it with a similar item?
    No.  With a few exceptions, works must be juried in.  However, the gallery store manager and office staff reserve the right to directly request items from an artist that they deem will sell well and by-pass the jury committee. 

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    If you have any questions about the gallery store, please contact us at [email protected]


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