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Purchase a Brick in the NAA Courtyard

Create Your Own Lasting Impression

Adopt a brick today for the courtyard located behind the NAA’s historic building and neighboring the new Community Sculpture Garden!

Brick Courtyard


The Newburyport Art Association celebrated the official unveiling on September 11, 2016 of the Range Lights Community Sculpture Garden. As the Sculpture Garden, the beautiful adjoining brick courtyard supports the NAA’s efforts to provide stimulating programming and bring new audiences to its site, as well as complement Newburyport’s overall efforts to enhance tourism and economic development in the surrounding community.  The brick courtyard, a precursor to the opening of the Community Sculpture Garden, serves as a symbol of the NAA’s efforts and commitment to build community through the arts.

In purchasing a personalized brick, you make an enduring contribution to the maintenance fund for the Range Lights Community Sculpture Garden.