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    2020  Shows, Gallery Lists
    2020 Winter Juried Show, pt. 1      2020 Winter Juried Show, pt. 2 


    Past 5 Years Shows: Gallery Lists
    2019 Winter Juried Show, pt. 1     2019 Winter Juried Show, pt. 2      2019 Art Adventure Grant Finalists Show   2019 Spring Members Open   2019 22nd Regional Juried Show
    2019 Fall Members Open    2019 Fall Members Juried Show, Pt. 1


    2018 Winter Juried Show, pt 1  2018 Winter Juried Show, pt 2   2018 Art Adventure Grant Finalists Show  2018 Spring Members Open
    2018 21rst Regional Juried Show  2018 New England Sculptors Association “Getting to Know You” Exhibition   2018 Fall Members Open   2018 Fall Juried Show, Pt. 1   2018 Fall Juried Show,  Pt. 2   2018 Holiday Show (2D)

    2017 Winter Juried Show, pt 1   2017 Winter Juried Show, pt 2    2017 The Art of Teaching    2017 Volunteer Invitational Show    2017 The Art of Mapping   2017 Spring Members Open   2017 The Art of Books     2017 20th Annual Regional Juried Show  2017 Fall Members Open   2017 Fall Juried Show, pt 1      2017 Fall Juried Show, pt. 2    2017 Holiday Show (2D)

    2016 Winter Juried Show, pt 1    2016 Winter Juried Show, pt 2   2016 Spring Members Open Show   2016 19th Annual Regional Juried Show    2016 8 Cubed Show    2016 Fall Members Open Show      2016 Fall Members Juried Show, pt 1   2016 Fall Members Juried Show, pt 2    2016 Holiday Show (2D)

    2015 Winter Juried Show, pt 1   2015 Winter Juried Show, pt 2    2015 Spring Members Open Show    2015 18th Annual Regional Juried Show   2015 8 Cubed Show    2015 Fall Members Open Show   2015 Fall Members Juried Show, pt 1   2015 Fall Members Juried Show, pt 2    2015 Holiday Show (2D)


    What types of exhibitions does the NAA sponsor?

    Open Shows: Submissions are not Juried or selected.  All artwork received is hung or installed.  Generally, the schedule supports Spring and Fall Open Shows as well as the 2D portion of the Holiday Show.

    Juried Shows: Entries are selected to be exhibited and judged for awards by a qualified Juror.  Only accepted works are hung or installed.  Generally the schedule supports the Spring and Fall Juried Shows, the 3D portion of the Holiday Show, and the Regional Juried Show which is the only Exhibition during the NAA calendar year that is open to non-members.

    Curated Show: Entries are selected for exhibition by the NAA Exhibitions Committee.  Only accepted works are hung or installed (The Big Works Exhibitions is an example).

    Invitational Shows: Artists (members and/or non-members) are invited to participate. (Examples include the Volunteer Invitational, Young & Budding Artists, Instructors and OpArt Exhibitions)

    Size Guidelines

    Size restrictions are specified for each show and clearly outlined in each Call for Entry.  The dimension is clearly defined as the number of inches in width and the number of inches in height.  Usually this includes the frame, in which case your artwork and frame must comply with the size guidelines.

    The width and height are not intended to be transposed or combined.  The width restriction is most important because of the broken linear wall space in the NAA galleries.  The width limit makes it possible to exhibit the maximum number of works on the wall.  Occasionally, a theme or number of pieces to be installed in an Open show will dictate the size guidelines.

    How Should the Art be Presented?

    NAA framing requirements and standards insure that the artwork is properly protected and the customer is satisfied with the quality of his/her purchase.  All 2D work must be framed and wired.  Wire should be secured 1/4 to 1/3 down from the top of the piece.  Matted work must be framed with glass or plexi-glass.  Mats should be clean.  Acceptable hardware for wood frames are screw eyes or D-rings.  Acceptable metal frames should have hardware that screws securely in the track.  No saw tooth hangers, spring clips, tension mounts, standing photo frames, sliding hardware or pop-in frames.  The backing of the piece should be neat and clean. Gallery wrapped canvas (without a frame) is acceptable with deep profile stretcher, stapled on the back with clean or painted sides.

    Click here for Framing Guidelines

    Is the Art Conceived and Created by the Artist?

    It is the policy of the NAA to show only original artwork in its Exhibitions.  This refers to both the conception of the piece and to reproductions.  If reference photographs or other images were used to create the art, it cannot be recognizable or permission must be granted for use to put your name on it. Reproductions of original artwork are not accepted into NAA Exhibitions (e.g. gyclee’ reproductions of watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, drawing, woodcuts, etchings, etc.).

    Can Work be Exhibited that is Not for Sale?

    All artwork shown in NAA Exhibitions must be for sale, with the exception of Featured Artists Shows, Featured Interest Group Shows and the Young & Budding Artists Show when sales are optional (no “Not for Sale” of “NFS” labels are allowed).  In these shows only, Artists may use “Price on Request” (POR) with a sample of commissioned work.  Proposed prices and commission details must be recorded.  All sales are transacted through the NAA. The NAA has a “sale on approval” policy.  A prospective buyer may take home or hold a work for 48 hours to consider the purchase: in such cases works are marked with a green dot.  When a sale is complete works are marked with a red dot.

    Is the Art to be Juried from a CD digital image or by Viewing the Actual Art Work?

    Due to the large number of submissions and logistics of transporting artwork, several NAA shows have been Juried by digital images on CD.  This is done for several reasons: it enables NAA to secure Jurors from a greater distance, artists are able to submit a greater number of entries, and it is easier for artists who create larger or heavier pieces to avoid delivering the works until they know it has been accepted.  At this time only the Regional Juried Show and the 3D/Fine Crafts for the Holiday Show require digital entries.

    Is the Art Work Available for the Dates of the Exhibition?

    It is standard practice for artists to enter only available work when responding to a Call for Entry.  It is not standard practice to enter artwork into a show while knowing that it is earmarked for another show.  It is prestigious to be selected and Juried for awards.  Artists who withdraw their commitment to exhibit artwork accepted into a Juried show have deprived another artist of the opportunity to be selected.

    Is it Necessary to Make Special Arrangements for Early Drop-Off or Late Pick-up?

    If an artist has extenuating circumstances and needs to make arrangements to deliver or pick-up at a time other than the dates specified on the Call for Entry, they may call or email the gallery in advance to set up an alternate time.  Leaving artwork in the NAA’s storage area after the published pick up date without a prior agreement or at great length will incur the artist a $20 fine determined at the discretion of the Executive Director.

    Jurying Process

    Who are the Jurors?

    The jurors secured for NAA Exhibitions may have one or more of the following credentials: a museum or gallery curator or director, university or college art faculty, or a pre-eminent artist.

    What is the Juror compensated to do?

    NAA pays the Juror to review all entries, select the art for the Exhibition, choose the award winners, and write comments on the winners’ artwork and on the show.  As an example of the potential scope of their work, the 2016 Regional Juried Show brought in 567 entries of which 149 were selected for the Exhibition.

    How are the selections made?

    In many cases it is not that the Juror did not appreciate the work, but rather it is simply a matter of balancing media, space, and subject matter.  Juried Exhibitions can be very competitive – there can be many strong works not selected for one show, but accepted into another.  Awards for each Juried show are at the Juror’s discretion.

    Understanding NAA Contracted Exhibitions

    Please read the NAA contract carefully when you are planning to enter an NAA contracted show, details vary from show to show. Currently, there are three types of NAA contracted shows: Featured Artist Show, Featured Interest Group Show and Wings Exhibition. All Exhibition Guidelines referenced above apply to Featured Artist and Featured Interest Group shows.

    Featured Artist Shows

    NAA members who meet the qualifying criteria are automatically invited to apply for a Featured Artist Show.  Invitations to apply to rent the Hills Gallery are sent in the fall for the following year.  The criteria for the 2018 Featured Artist Show are: acceptance into at least 3 NAA Juried shows and continuous, non-lapsed NAA membership since September 1 of 2015 (criteria are subject to change).  Invitations will be sent out mid-September of 2017 to all those that qualify.

    Featured Interest Group Shows

    NAA Interest Groups register under the umbrella of the NAA. They must meet at least once a month, have 10 or more members, and have been in existence for at least one year to apply to rent the Sargent and/or Hartson Galleries for a Featured Interest Group Show.  Each Interest Group sets their own criteria for participation in the group, but all exhibiting participants must be NAA members.  Current Featured Interest Groups include Abstract Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Band of Brushes, Newburyport Ten Plein Air Painters, and Wednesday Night Life Drawing Show.  For more information on individual FIG groups, click NAA FIG Groups.

    Wings Exhibitions

    Off-site shows are coordinated by the NAA.  Artists are selected to exhibit for one month in a business location.  Current locations include  Dore & Whittier Architects, 260 Merrimac St, Newburyport, and The Grog, 13 Middle Street, Newburyport.