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    Thank you to our loyal friends at the Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation & at the Newburyport Five Cents Bank Charitable Foundation for their ongoing and generous support!


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    Volunteers Wanted

    OpArt, a partnership between Opportunity Works and The Newburyport Art Association, seeks responsible, positive and enthusiastic volunteers. The OpArt program encourages adults with a variety of developmental and physical disabilities to enrich their lives through the art making process.  Experience in Education, Art Education or Special Education preferred but not necessary. Volunteers must have some experience or strong interest in Visual Art. For scheduling and further information please contact OpArt Coordinator and Instructor Jenna Signore

    The History of the OP ART Program

    A collaboration with the Opportunity Works, Inc. of Newburyport, OpArt provides individuals with disabilities hands-on art instruction using different media, techniques, and materials, and the chance to realize their life’s ambitions through the creative process in the visual arts.

    In 2004 the NAA started an art training program for the associates at Opportunity Works in Newburyport, MA.  An NAA volunteer and staff member facilitated the program on a weekly basis in an open classroom environment using very basic art materials, such as crayons, poster paint, and construction paper. Program funding was provided by the NAA, and the first exhibition of the associates’ work was held at the NAA in February of 2005.

    OpArt Class 2014

    OpArt Class student 2014

    Today, this critical art education outreach program – OpArt  is managed by a coordinator on the NAA Board of Directors Jenna Signore.  Jenna is assisted by a dedicated team of volunteers. The program has grown to include the participation of talented associate artists working with advanced art supplies and techniques, such as acrylic paints, pastels, water colors, charcoals, photography and sculpture.  The artists have enjoyed growing recognition at the regional and state-wide levels for the quality of artwork created.  The program is now widely known for the positive impact it has had on artists with special needs over the years.  In recent years a second offering was added to OpArt for the Opportunity Works Haverhill site.  Sales of the artwork in various retail venues support the artists and Opportunity Works, Inc. across Newburyport. The program would not be possible without the loyal support of the Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation and of the Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank Charitable Foundation.

    Several successful exhibitions are held during the year in the surrounding area, including at the Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury, MA, at the NAA itself, at The Carry Out Cafe in Newburyport, MA, and recently at the Senior & Community Center of Newburyport.

    For further information, please contact Jenna Signore at the Newburyport Art Association