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  • About Sam Davis


    Sam Davis has been a resident of New England for over 40 years. His interest in photography started during his teens but did not fully blossom until after the birth of his children. His passion quickly grew from a single 35mm camera into multiple cameras and lenses. He is mostly self-taught with the aid of some Adult Education classes, camera club involvement, workshops and seminars. His passion really peaked during his 3 year stay in Germany. Living in this location allowed for many trips to visit historic and scenic places. With the advent of digital photography his passion has continued to flourish but the use of film is still a viable option when required. Sam has been exhibited in the Newburyport area, has had several successful solo artist shows and is an active member of the Newburyport Art Association. He has recently completed a series of photographs in the Newburyport area called “Newburyport after Dark”. He is currently experimenting with digital infrared B&W photography and the subtleties’ of different wavelengths of light. Most of his infrared photographs were shot in the Newburyport and Cape Ann area.