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    "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see". Living where I do relating to and occasionally quoting Henry David Thoreau is inevitable. I am a realist painter who constantly strives to be less detail oriented. My studio is at ArtSpace Maynard, a wonderfully supportive community. In the summer I am fortunate to frequently kayak just up the coast in Maine. Many of my works reflect this ocean level perspective.
    It is said that you don't really know a subject until you can teach it. I say that I don't really own a moment, it's shape, the light, the colors, the spaces in between until I paint it. Once I do, I have that place and time inside me forever.
    "Hollandia Glacier" is a piece in a series I am working on from a trip I took to Patagonia in December. I may be sheltered in place in Massachusetts, but my mind is still exploring the waterways and mountains around Cape Horn. Memories can be beautiful places. I hope that in this time of limits you are remembering and revisiting cherished times and places.

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