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    A local native North Shore Artist who explores visual interpretations, merges relationships between humans and nature thus creating a visual dialogue for the viewer to develop their intuitive conclusions. The dialogue between artist and viewer become an intimate catalyst engaging us to find immediate connections with the earth and our selves.

    Artwork is described as Anthropomorphic in nature.

    The artist approach is void of conscious attendance when beginning any art. When carving stone or wood the artist seeks out the connection the medium communicates. In marble, the stone will advise where shapes will form through exposed veins. In wood, the piece shows how the form will emerge, as the artist follows the grain and uncovers the life history of the wood. In Charcoal/ pastel, the paper and medium addresses the shapes. In Photography, the artist makes herself a watchful viewer, ready to capture moments of our world.

    Merger of Relationships.

    The process in the content of the artworks creates a language of the human form collaborating with the natural environment on earth. The undercurrent and thread in the art connects a river of consciousness of humans viscerally tied with the earth.

    Abstract Art, Drawing, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Photography, Installations, Site Specific Earth Art.

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