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    I have been working with stone since I graduated from Plymouth University in 1980. I have traveled across the country and around the world in my 25 plus years of owning Graystone Masonry. Working in the UK in London gardens and on the French Riviera in France were personal highlights along with many incredible projects designed by Garr Campbell across the United States. My work has been featured in books, magazines and publications. My travels have inspired me in my stonework and my sculpture. The incredible art and architecture around the world opened my eyes to what man can do with his mind and his hands. For the past fifteen years I have been pursuing my passion for stone sculpture. It calms my soul in times of stress and it provides an outlet for creativity in the process.
    I have been commissioned for numerous sculptures and have designed, created and sold many others. Family members and friends have been the beneficiaries of many many works of art. I specialize in large outdoor sculpture , abstract and realism, stone fountains, garden sculpture, interior artwork, memorials for loved ones and beautiful hand carved keystones. I will work with your design or create one for you, large or small. What you will find out about me is my incredible passion for stone, I love to create with it and I put my heart and soul into every sculpture.

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