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      In 2000, I took a trip to China, as a student in a printmaking program with Mass College of Art. In preparing for a show after our trip, I was influenced by the many textures and visual imagery that I had seen. I decided to paint on paper with simple lines and color, and then cut the paper up. I started to play around with the paper and got the inclination to weave the different paintings together. As I explored more with the idea. I thought it would be better to have the weave stand freely rather than be sewn to the fabric. How to do that? Sticks! I am always picking up interesting sticks, so had a collection. I had also painted sticks earlier being interested in what animal or creature I saw in the stick. I also included sticks on my paintings. Soon I became more interested in the sticks then the paper. I started to play with the idea of sticks inside something, thus the small boxes. Inevitably I wanted them to be bigger, as I saw the wonderful line and pattern the sticks created unto themselves. I had a eureka moment when I saw some old windows on the sidewalk. Perfect frames! Then I started to look for other things I could house my sticks, such as old bureau draws. I also was very influenced by my many trips to Mexico, most recently Oaxaca. Their art work is full of pattern and color. I am just beginning my journey with sticks. We will see where it leads...

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