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  • About Patricia Crannell


    Painting is truly a life lesson for this artist. The process can produce relaxation, joy, frustration, anxiety, elation, satisfaction, patience, impatience and lots of other emotions. Some works go smoothly and others call up lots of these feelings as I progress to a finished piece. Just the decision of when a piece is done can be difficult to determine! However, knowing all this, I still love to paint.
    I worked as a Speech/Language Therapist for many years before I became
    interested in learning either of the mediums that I’ve chosen.
    My work has been published in many issues of SUMI-E, the Journal of the
    Sumi-e Society of America, Inc. and has been in Juried Annual Shows held by that Society. I’ve also shown in Art Walks, Exhibits at the Beebe Estate in
    Melrose, MA and exhibits at the Boston Buddhist Cultural Center. As a member of the Newburyport Art Association, My paintings have been in Juried and Open Shows, they’ve been exhibited in a “Wings” solo show and I’ve had small works sold in the gallery’s gift shop. I’m also a member of the Concord Art Association where I’ve exhibited twice in the Francis N. Roddy Open Competition and had my painting selected for their 2014 Calendar Cover. These represent some highlights of the past few years.