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    Beck was a family nurse practitioner (and long-distance runner), turned psychiatrist (and long-distance cyclist), now artist (and cross-trainer).

    The study of math, science, the brain, emotions and art are inextricably connected, as a line form color and value. Just as DNA proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters foreshadow and influence thought, emotion and behavior, so technical elements of drawing and painting portray atmosphere and rekindle limbic memory in the viewer.

    The artist’s goal is to fully engage the viewer’s senses: to feel the mood, the summer warmth, the crisp autumn morning: to hear the wind, the leaves; and, especially, to smell the salt marsh and or the summer field.

    Olfaction (smell) is the oldest, most primitive sense, it takes us back, reliably and instantaneously, to another time and place.

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