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  • About Debbie Shirley


    Born and educated in the Midwest, I now call New England home. I paint almost every day – mostly common objects that are part of daily life – vintage house wares, kids’ toys, local plants and produce, and regional landscapes.

    My work took a shift from large abstracts to small, more realistic paintings after I became a mother. I think I became more aware of how quickly time passes, and I like the idea of capturing a little glimpse, a moment of life that you can hold in your hand. I try to capture the things I feel are quickly disappearing- whether it is old signs and buildings, open land on the edge of suburbia- or older objects that give us the sense of “home”. Experimenting with the use of color, I also like to play with the effects of light and shadow, endowing an almost magical quality to even the most common objects. I work mainly with acrylic paints and paint from life whenever possible, whether in the studio of “en plein air”. I frequently paint on location on the north shore of Massachusetts, as well as in northern Maine.

    Featuring mostly still lifes and landscapes, much of my work can be seen on my website at www.DebbieShirley.com.