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      Jessica Hachmeister is a local artist recently relocated from Seattle who works in large, acrylic and mixed media paintings. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, she lived most of her early life abroad in such diverse cities as Havana, Mexico City, Heidelberg, and Rome. She graduated from the American School in Lugano, Switzerland and pursued her strong interest in art and art history into college. Her advanced studies began at California Western University in San Diego, and later continued at Villa Mercede in Florence, Italy, the University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Boston University, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. While living in the Northwest, she continued her studies in design, drawing, painting, and art history at the University of Washington, Cornish Institute of Art, and Pratt Fine Art Center.
      Ms. Hachmeister creates large, abstract acrylic paintings often incorporating charcoal and pastel into her canvases. Her most recent works were inspired by observing the sights and feeling the rhythm and pulse of life on the island of Aruba. After seeing the changing colors of earth, sea, and sky and watching her granddaughter playing on the beach, she has incorporated more vibrant color, spontaneity, and energy into her work.
      “I have always been drawn toward large, dramatic, abstract paintings. When I began to create my own paintings, I developed a personal style based on large dominant shapes. I often distribute these shapes across multiple canvases to create balanced landscapes of static or moving forms. Inspiration can come from a word, a dance, a look, a grandchild’s scribble, the light of the day, or a section of one of my previous paintings. It comes from a challenge to myself – from everything around me – from day to day, as I observe and experience my surroundings.”
      Ms. Hachmeister’s new paintings typically incorporate parts of previous paintings that she then expands upon, often repeating and redeveloping, to produce a certain dynamic consistency to her work. She carefully works the intervening spaces created by her forms, applying color and line to create both contrast and continuity between the form and space.
      “I paint simply to experience the rewars of creativity. For me, painting is an ongoing search for expression – often meditative, sometimes exciting, and always a challenge. Painting pulls together the pieces of my life and allows me to organize them into a visual story”
      Ms. Hachmeister works out of her own studio near the Parker River in Newbury, MA and has only recently begun showing her work locally.

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