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  • About Tom Bailey


    Tom Bailey paints ‘inadvertently-impressionist’ paintings,
    primarily in pastels and oils. He divides most of his time between a small town north of Boston, Massachusetts, and an even smaller
    town south of Keene, New Hampshire. His vibrant, energy-filled
    landscapes capture the rich scenery and varied moods of New
    England within all its seasons.

    Bailey strives to create paintings that evoke a particular emotion,
    or perhaps rekindle a pleasant memory. As he says: “All my paintings start at places I’ve actually been. Where they take me from there, however -- or where I take them -- is always an unplanned adventure.”

    When you look at his paintings, you will often find a welcoming
    visual pathway allowing you access to the scene itself and, sometimes, a subtle hint of another mysterious place just beyond.
    One of the best compliments he ever received was from someone
    who looked at one of his paintings and said “That’s a place I wish I
    could be...right now.”

    He is inspired by the quote by Heraclitus: “No man ever steps in
    the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the
    same man.” Admittedly, Tom is not in the habit of reading Greek
    philosophers. Still, he believes the same rule applies to art: he will
    often revisit a location or theme many times in his paintings. His
    goal is always to distill something new and powerful from the same, raw, artistic resources.

    Bailey has been fortunate to study with a wide spectrum of
    Artists-You’d-Recognize. He is a member of the Newburyport Art
    Association plus several other prestigious arts organizations.
    Tom’s paintings have been accepted to a number of regional and
    national juried exhibits and have earned awards throughout New
    England. He is deeply honored and grateful to have an eclectic
    group of collectors who have purchased his work.