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  • About Marsha Zavez


    I love to paint. There's something about taking a blank canvas or board and transforming it into an image that makes me happy. It's really as simple as that for me. Sometimes I choose to paint something because of the memory it evokes. Other times, I just can’t resist the color, texture, light, or smile-inducing quality of the subject. There is so much color in the world, so many things that call out to me to paint them, that I have difficulty adhering to one particular theme.

    In my oil, encaustic and acrylic works, texture plays a large part, and I use brushes, palette knives and scrapers to create a lush feel with the paint. Sometimes I add words or sayings into my work – to make a connection, or just for fun.

    I find beauty in the goings-on around me. Whether it’s a gull hanging out at the ocean, my dog sleeping in the yard, the sun shining just right on a house off the road, surfers enjoying the waves, or the scrumptious yellows of a lemon. I paint my world.