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  • About Andrew Anderson-Bell


    A main source of artistic inspiration for Andrew is the great outdoors. Since birth, he has been a summer resident of North Haven Island, Maine. Much of the subject matter of his pastel paintings depict familiar landscape scenes from his summer retreat as well as scenes from the islands of Penobscot Bay in Maine. Though many of his pastel paintings are recognizable locations, he is not concerned with generating an exact reproduction of these places. Instead, he often works in his studio from memory, sketches and/or photographs, and an intuitive process to create a heightened sense of place. Working in this fashion, he says, allows him to avoid getting bogged down in details, while it also promotes a more imaginative response to handling his colors and composition. Through his work, Anderson-Bell attempts to convey nature’s incantations: the whisper of wind through bows of spruce trees, the lapping of waves against a shoreline, the distant rumble of thunder. Often a strong sense of atmosphere is created by the way he treats his skies. Attempting to capture the feel of temperature or weather and nature’s change in mood, he often examines the metamorphosis of daylight to dusk or calm to approaching storm. Most of his compositions lack human subjects, the only reminder of humanity betrayed by a small detail like a distant sail on a horizon, a stone wall, or weathered fence post. He seeks to offer his viewers the indulgence of a meditative space to contemplate the grandeur of nature and reinforce the notion that even the most solitary and tranquil moments have significance.

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