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    In a previous life, I chose Mechanical Engineering not only because it involves creativity, assembling things, and problem solving. I also could not limit myself to just the study of material science or just chemistry or just electronics. Mechanical Engineering has allowed me to dabble in a breadth of disciplines. It is in a similar situation that I find myself with art-making. When posed with the question of what medium/format I work with, I cannot check a singular box for acrylic paint or for charcoal or for sculpture. I prefer to dabble in variety. I enjoy the constructiveness, problem-solving, and exploration of art making. With every drawing, painting, or sculpture, I have learned something, like the power of negative space or that curing plaster cannot be negotiated with. The process of discovery that comes with art-making is gratifying. In the same way negative and positive spaces work together in artistic composition, negative and positive experiences shape what I understand about various media, colors, and forms.

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