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  • About Tracy Meola


    I’m a professional artist who primarily paints Contemporary Still Life Realism with acrylics.
    I have my own adapted technique of lightly layering paint with the use of water, which gives my paintings a soft blended look. One painting can have twenty or more layers of paint on it and still look soft and smooth. I also work in graphite and ink & wash.

    I am intrigued with everyday objects and compelled to make them visually interesting and will focus in and study each to find every little sparkle of highlight and color reflection. This is why I include elements in my paintings that have texture and light.
    In addition, I select subjects for my paintings that remind me of home, often vintage, the hope is to give others a sense of home, peace, joy or nostalgia or whimsy but with a contemporary spin. I'm fascinated with detail and I truly enjoy creating art that attracts the viewer with familiar, relatable objects and scenarios. My artwork brings the viewer in with an appearance of realism, but once drawn in, the viewer becomes engaged in the conversation of color, subject and skill as the feeling of sentiment lingers.

    My paintings are part of private and corporate collections and have won many awards. More of my work can be seen at www.tracymeolafineart.com

    Thanks for your interest in my artwork.