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  • About Carolyn Bonier


    Art has always been part of Carolyn’s life. As a child she felt an affinity for nature and animals and that feeling was what propelled her drawings of all that she loved. In those days you would find her either drawing, reading or playing out in the woods with her cousins and family dogs. She loved life, baseball players and horses. The need to create was never too far from her mind but life took her in another direction.

    Carolyn was born in Sewickley, PA and lived there until she came to Cambridge, MA to attend Radcliffe College where she majored in English literature. She received her master’s degree in social work at Boston University. She worked as a psychotherapist for many years with a break while her children were young. In the late 90’s Carolyn attended a 2 year program at the Shalem Institute in MD and became a spiritual director. She led several workshops and retreats at the Franciscan Center in Andover, MA dealing with the connection between art and spirituality as well as using art as a form for prayer.

    It is the exploring and expression of the inner self that paved Carolyn’s artistic love. She now creates lush abstracts where the imagery will come out as magic and once again nature and animals are at the base of these works. When Carolyn explored working with clay she loved that tactile feeling of working with her hands and the materials, she now creates small sculptures of animals and figures.
    In painting, her favorite medium is acrylic because it allows her to be more spontaneous and applying more layers without waiting long hours for it to dry.