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    Canine Shadow

    By Wendy Klemperer

    Canine Shadow
    • Media: Sculpture
    • Additional information about the media used in the work: plasma cut steel
    • Framed Size (height x width): 55 X 80 X 3/16"


    Shadow Migration exhibits animal silhouettes cut from steel plates and installed throughout the park. Klemperer investigates animal populations that were threatened in the 20th century, but are now rebounding and showing up in “our backyard.” Wild animals are finding their way into suburban and urban environments as human populations sprawl into their natural habitats. While many species populations have been destroyed, some are adapting and thriving on the largesse of urban life. Hawks dive from high rise cornices to feast on the rich urban population of pigeons and rats; bears walk through backyards…
    Klemperer’s animal silhouettes are shadows, essences of their worldly form that appear fleeting and at times fleeing. Migration is inherent to both humans and animals, as natural and manmade changes force movement to more hospitable regions. The steel forms are punctuated with cutouts in the shape of countries from around the world. Each animal is a melting pot, bearing countries on its body that represent their origin, and the diversity of the population of the United States. Shadow Migration invites contemplation of nature in an urban setting and of the circumstances diversity in a modern world.

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